Thursday, January 5, 2017

Romeo and Juliet Props Project

DUE DATE: Jan. 18, 2017

Note: Thank you to Amy Ulen for posting the original lesson idea twenty years ago--1997, I think--on her "Surfing with the Bard" portal page.  --AG

Assignment: Assemble a collection of eight (8) props for a particular character in Romeo and Juliet.  Each prop should be connected to a line from the play.  You may use lines which refer to real props (a sword, a potion, a letter, a ring, etc.) and/or lines which illustrate a character’s personality (Ex.: a candle to illustrate Benvolio’s description of Tybalt as, “the fiery Tybalt” in Act I.i.).  You may also simply illustrate a particular line: (Ex: eyeglasses for Benvolio’s suggestion that Romeo should, “Examine other beauties”).  Note: avoid any props that are either too valuable or too dangerous to bring to school!  Be creative.  Have fun.  School doesn’t have to be dreary; if we’re not laughing, we’re not doing it right. J

Character Name(s):

Item:                        Quote (w/act#, scene#, line#):               Explanation:*








*Why you chose it, or what the line means, or what was going on in the scene J

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