Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Of Mice and Men Reading Schedule

Of Mice and Men
Reading Assignments

3/6  Ch. 2
3/7  Ch. 3
3/8  Ch. 4
3/9  Ch. 5
3/10  Ch. 6

Finish for Monday J

Q's for Ch. 2-3

1.        According to Candy, what is Curly’s problem?  
2.       When George tells Slim that he “travels around” with Lennie, what is Slim’s philosophical response? 
3.       After listening to the story about Lennie’s trouble in Weed, what is Slim’s assessment of Lennie?
4.       Why does Carlson want Candy to shoot his dog?
5.       What does Slim think about the issue of whether or not to shoot of Candy’s dog?
6.       What are the rules about playing with the new puppy for Lennie?
7.       What does Candy have to offer in order to be part of George and Lennie’s “dream”?
8.       What does Lennie’s fight with Curley show us about Lennie?
9.       What does Slim say to help out Lennie after the fight with Curley?

Q's for Ch. 4:

1.       Draw a simple sketch of Crooks’s room.  Label important items and features.
2.       What frightening idea does Crooks suggest to Lennie?
3.       What is Crooks’s reaction to hearing about the Dream?
4.       How does Curley’s Wife exert her power over Crooks?
5.       Why does Crooks change his mind at the end of Chapter 4?

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