Friday, October 21, 2016

Essay-Writing Process

The following is the text of the handout we used in class to organize our writing process: question first, then gather quotes/details, then let those quotes and details help you form an answer (thesis) to your question.  Good luck! :)  --Mr. G

Essay Assignment Length:  H=3 pgs, CTP/S=5-paragraph essay (about 1.5 pgs.)
Note: longer essays are achieved by starting with a broader question.

1.       Write your big question here.  Remember: the best questions are based on a literary element (characterization, foreshadowing, setting, theme, etc.).

My big question: ________________________________________

2.       Gather evidence (quotes!).  Include quotation punctuation and page numbers. 
H=7-10 quotes                  CTP= +/- 5 quotes              S=at least 3 quotes

3.       OK.  Now that you’ve invested time and mental energy in gathering quotes, you need to ask yourself, “Do I have enough evidence to try answering my question?  If yes, then try it here (write a one sentence answer  in general terms based on the evidence in your quotes … this will become your thesis statement).  If not, then determine what else you need to gather for quotes and go get a few more. 

Answer to my big question: 

4.       Now, a MAP (or OUTLINE) for your essay should reflect the logical organizational system of your thesis.  In other words, you should be able to use your thesis to plan what the parts of your essay will need to be.  Outline it or create a diagram here.

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