Monday, January 6, 2014

Welcome to Mr. Gauthier's 9th Grade English Blizzard Bag Page!


Ninth Grade English is an odyssey designed to 
prepare students for successful high school performance in reading, writing, and oral communication.  This course is divided into four sections, beginning with a diagnostic section of one-week units in each of the areas listed above.  During the first three weeks, students will work with three different teachers who will make determinations about each student’s individual strengths, weaknesses, and areas of particular need.  After this “sampler” section, these teachers will use the data they’ve collected, along with input from the students, recommendations from previous teachers, and scores on state and local tests, to determine the most appropriate placements for the first two extended units, or “modules.”  These determinations will be based on the areas of greatest need for each student.  Students who perform well in all three areas may be recommended for Research and/or Literary Analysis modules.  Placement contracts with Honors, College/Tech Prep, or Standard level recommendations will be sent home for parent approval during the fourth week of the course.  The final module will be an integrated literary unit (Shakespeare) involving further skills-development in reading, writing, oral communication, and research.

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