D-Block Public Speaking Blizzard Bag

D-Block:  If you were absent on Monday, please visit www.americanrhetoric.com and click on "Rhetorical Figures in Sound"


Once there, use the examples and definitions to figure out the following terms (add definitions or patterns that make sense to you in your notebook): analogy, anesis, antithesis, aposiopesis, appositio.

Finally, combining these new concepts with our "Hostile" audience speech pattern (1. Establish common ground, 2. Acknowledge the other side of the argument, 3. State your purpose last), write a short speech where you are asking someone (employer, parent, teacher, etc) for something they might not want to give you (or it could be that you are delivering news to one of these audiences that they would not want to hear).  Follow the "Hostile" audience pattern and try any three (3) of the new rhetorical techniques.

Good luck,
Mr. G.

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